The ECWA Jerusalem Pilgrimage

It is certain that pilgrimage for Christians to Jerusalem is knowledge driven and can equally help the growth of spiritual life for such person.

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Distinct Features of ECWA Jerusalem Pilgrimage

The ECWA Jerusalem Pilgrimage is one of its kind that every member who is financially opportune should attend. It is a well structured,


Agricultural Tour during Pilgrimage

ECWA Jerusalem Pilgrimage Program is designed to combine spiritual tour with 1-day Agric technology tour to Israel Kibitz.


History of the City of Jerusalem

The first settlement in the Jerusalem area probably dates back to the 20th century BC. In 997 BC


Pilgrimage to Holy Land of Land of Jerusalem

The desire to be a pilgrim is deeply rooted in human nature. Since the earliest times, pilgrimages to


Nature and Importance of Jerusalem Pilgrimage

Christians undertake pilgrimages to Jerusalem because most events in the life of Jesus Christ happened in and around the city.


Top Sites to visit On Your Exciting Israel Pilgrimage

Israel, the undisputed Bible Land, is a top travel Destination with many interesting attractions that many tourists are craving to visit.

  • Nazareth
  • Carphanaum.(capernaum)
  • The sea of Galilee.
  • St. Peter’s Church, Tabga
  • Mount Olive
  • Wailing Wall
  • Church of Holy Sepulchre
  • Christian Quarters


ECWA Jerusalem Pilgrimage

The city of Nazareth lies in southern Galilee and it was here Joseph lived and raised Jesus together with Mary. The point where angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she would conceive as a virgin now has a church built on it called ‘church of Annunciation’ called Basilica of the annunciation was completed in 1969 but contains all the Holy sites dating back to time before Jesus. It was modernized by a company called Sloeh Boneh.


ECWA Jerusalem Pilgrimage

City of Jesus which was prosperous in his time. He met many of his disciples here including Peter, Andrew, James, John and Andrew who were fishermen. Here he healed peter’s mother in law, cured a leper, brought a child back to life, the centurion’s servant, etc. However the people of the city despised Jesus and he cursed the city.

The sea of Galilee

ECWA Jerusalem Pilgrimage

Source of clean water to all Israel and is dammed to restrict the flow out. The sea of Galilee is actually a lake with varieties of fish dominated by tillapia specie. Jesus walked on the water of this sea.

St. Peter’s Church.Tabga

ECWA Jerusalem Pilgrimage

The new church is shaped like a fish to honor peter’s profession. The church stands on the old house of peter with the synagogue described above nearby. The internal of the church has a lot of art work which depict the life phases of peter, Jesus and other disciples.

River Jordan/Jesus baptismal place.

ECWA Jerusalem Pilgrimage

This river has been dammed upstream to disallow it from flowing into the Dead sea. This particular point is not the site of Jesus baptism but it has been blessed to have special spiritual effects on worshipers and also source of fish for the restaurants around. It is a Holy place.

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